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Salt of the earth

Salt of The Earth Granular Salt 25kg - 15 Bags

Salt of The Earth Granular Salt 25kg - 15 Bags

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Water Softener Salt Granules 25kg by Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth Water Softening Granular Salt 25kg Bags, a high purity food grade salt for Water Softening. Suited for use in all Granular Water Softeners and Applications.

Softened Water can improve the efficiency of Hot Water and Heating Systems, and can also reduce scaling and staining in both Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Salt of the Earth Granules are small beads of salt that dissolve evenly to produce a clear brine that leaves no residue as it flushes out the minerals accumulated in the ion exchange resin of Water Softeners. The beads of salt are free flowing, so they can be added to your water softener with the minimum amount of fuss. This also makes Granular Salt perfect for Dishwashers.

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