4-5 Person Water softener Meter Controlled

4-5 Person Water softener Meter Controlled
Our Price:  £414.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£345.83 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Aqua Cure

Delivery:  No charge

NEW PRODUCT. Fantastic, affordable price of £414.99 (includes VAT)

*SAVE hundreds of £££s on this self installation , DIY water softener machine! To be installed by yourself or a plumber

*All the benefits of a water softener machine at the fraction of the price 

*LOW running costs

*Free installation kit with set up instructions for immediate use

*Available with FREE delivery to these postcodes only: BH, DT, RG, GU, SO, PO, SP, SL, KT, TW

*24 month warranty

*up to 14 days delivery time from order

*Top up and re-order your salt with Salts Direct with free delivery

*Softened water is NOT available for consumption.

An affordable, self installation (by yourself or your plumber) water softener machine perfect for a 4-5 person house or flat. Designed to fit LARGER cupboards/areas of the house onto 15mm piping. Must measure the cupboard/desired space which is accessible to an electric socket.

Superior Performance:

Is achieved by the more expensive, finer and more efficient resin contained within the high capacity vessel, which results in more softened water for every kilogram of salt used. This machine has a large capacity of 2,250 litres per regeneration so more space is needed.

All of our water softeners come with everything you need to install onto a 15mm (most common) size pipe including:

  • instruction manual
  • Hoses and Connectors

  • Drain Hose

  • Jubilee Clip

  • Water Softener Salt (first month)

15mm Install kit:

  • 2x Compression Tee – 15mm with 3/4″ Male Tap

  • Non Return Valve

  • Compression Ballofix 15mm

  • Compression Equal Tee 15mm

Installation Diagram:

Machine Specifications:

Brand: Aqua Care

Flow Rate: 33 litres p/min peak 45 litres p/min

Max Water Temp 35°C/95°F

Min Water Temp: Protect from freezing

Dimensions: METRIC 625mm (h) x 280mm (w) x 495mm (d) IMPERIAL 24.60"(h) x 11.02" (w) x 19.48" (d)

Min working pressure: 1.5bar/22 psi

Max working pressure: 4.0bar/58 psi

Salt used (per regeneration) 2.4kg/5.29 ibs

Capacity (per regeneration) 2250 litres/594 US gallons

Power: 6W

Resin volume: 14 litres

Valve type: Meter

Maintenance and warranty:

*The machines require tablet salt to refresh and regenerate the resin. They regenerate their internal resin beds automatically based on a pre set metered controlled valve so you don't have to worry about maintenance of the machine

*24 months warranty on parts and labour. 

*Contains a service card that can be completed and sent to our service partners

Setting the Time & date:

  1. Set “Hour” by Pressing and Holding CLOCK button for 3 seconds. Use the UP or DOWN button to set hour.

  2. Press SET button to confirm. Minutes will now flash on display panel.

  3. Use the UP or DOWN button to set minutes.

  4. Press SET button to confirm. Days will now flash on display panel.

  5. Use the UP or DOWN button to set hour.

  6. Press SET button to confirm.

  7. Display will automatically reset after 30 seconds.

Set up Completion

  1. Slowly turn the water on at the inlet valve and check for visual leaks on the unit.

  2. Manually put approximately 8 inches of fresh clean water into the salt tank.

  3. Turn on the outlet water valve.

  4. Ensure that the bypass is left in the closed position.

  5. Finally fill the brine tank with salt and fit the salt lid

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